Business in Thailand

Thailand is one of the world’s most beautiful countries and known as the 'Land of Smiles’. Ideally situated at the geographical heart of South East Asia and centre of new ASEAN economic hub the country has an ideal climate for production and export of unique high quality foods. Thai culture is fascinating, exotic and unique. However doing business in Thailand is far from straight forward. One has to adapt to the local custom to achieve results and it is very easy for the best of plans to go astray if proper procedure is not followed. Business in Asia involves developing trust and understanding before the transaction takes place. This takes a lot of time and many months can be spent getting to know each other before business is done. Thai business protocols and the subtleties of Buddhist culture are easy for Westerners to misunderstand. Often small details which may be considered insignificant in the West are crucial to concluding a negotiation in the East.

Thailand is uniquely positioned as the 'food bowl' of Asia with strong government support to fulfil this role. Thailand has rich fertile soils, a stable tropical climate and vast natural resources for food production. The Thai people are fastidiously clean and meticulous in their attention to detail and they take their food Very seriously. Thai people are known world wide for their wonderful cuisine and there are many unique specialty Thai fruits, herbs and flowers which are unknown outside SE Asia. Siam Hibiscus is a Thai company with an experienced Thai and Western management team. We have a proven record to deliver industrial and retail food products to Western markets from all corners of Thailand. We currently export to Europe, USA and Australia. Our style of operation and 12 years experience in SE Asia allows our partners to achieve success in obtaining high quality foods at a good price which will be delivered to specification and on time.