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Siam Hibiscus management has more than 15 years experience developing Hibiscus sabdariffa plantations & post harvest systems for export. Our custom built factory is located on the fertile soils of central Thailand in the middle of the largest hibiscus growing region of Thailand. This region produces sweet, very high quality dark red flowers with a high Anthocyanin antioxidant content. These antioxidants are what give Hibiscus its brilliant red color.

We export fresh frozen (IQF) A grade flowers, frozen chopped and puree flowers, and whole or crushed dried flowers. We have refrigerated & frozen warehouses to store our bulk products & extensive cold chain logistics experience. If you need high quality hibiscus for manufacturing then we are your partner in Thailand!

Every flower is hand picked, hand deseeded then run through our custom washing process to remove all foreign matter. Then each flower is inspected and graded twice before going to A grade for IQF or processing grade to be turned into juice, puree, chopped frozen or sun dried.

If you have ever been lucky enough to sip from a chilled fresh coconut whilst lazing on a Thai beach you would know this is one of lifes best experiences. Siam Hibiscus has undertaken extensive research to source the highest quality and best priced Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) cold pressed and centrifugally extracted from Thailand. More than 40 manufacturers from SE Asia have been profiled and their oils graded for taste, smell, clarity, mouth feel and purity and we have selected the 2 best VCO producers from Thailand for export.

We export Certified (USFDA & EU Bio) Organic coconut oil in 200ml and 450ml glass jars. We also do 500ml PET bottle, non organic certified VCO made with special cold extraction process which is without equal in taste, smell and purity in the market and at a very good price. This process takes only 6 minutes to go from whole coconut to 99.98% pure virgin coconut oil and is never heated above 30*C. The clarity of this oil at 25*C is crystal clear like pure water.

We develop OEM Private Label with minimum order of 1 container. We currently manage this for several customers and our oil always recieves rave reviews from consumers and professionals alike. We make regular factory inspections & supervise loading of every container to ensure quality control and compliance with international HACCP standards.

Siam Hibiscus is a certified organic products exporter with Bio Agri Cert in the European Union (000000000 Registration number) which is also accepted with US FDA Organic Certifiers.

Young coconut water is considered a wonder drink by people around the world. Healthy and with fresh taste we prefer to source only young coconut water for export. We have done extensive research and profiling of coconut waters from SE Asia and Pacific region and found a huge variation in quality of taste, aroma, texture and shelf life of coconut waters. Many are blended water from old coconuts, considered to be a waste product from the oil extraction process, some have water and sugar added. Some we have even graded as tasting like 'old boots'. You would not want to sell that to your customers!

But we have found one region with a consistent fresh and pure taste and with that wonderful coconut smell that takes your mind straight back to memories of the beach!

We have extensive experience developing OEM & Private Label brands & can supply young coconut water in aluminium cans, glass or PET bottles to suit your target market. Through the use of shrink sleeve technology we can develop all natural flavoured or pure coconut water with minimum order of just 1 container at a very competitive price.

Butterfly Pea Flower (Clitoria ternatea) is known as Dok Anchan or XXXXX in Thai. Traditionally served as a delicious welcome iced tea to travellers in Thailand it has an amazing vivid blue colour which can change to royal purple and then bright pink when lime juice (acid) is added. In Thai herbal medicine Butterfly Pea is used for improving memory, circulation and eyesight. The floral extract is also used to color rice, desserts and crepes and for a herbal tea believed to have healing powers.

It has a neutral taste and very mild aroma kind of like peas, in some preparations there is no evidence of taste or aroma just the pure blue color. A simple water liquid extract can be made from Butterfly Pea and used as a natural food or beverage color. It is blue at pH 8 to pH 4. It changes to royal purple at pH 3 and to bright pink at pH 2.

Siam Hibiscus sources dried butterfly pea from several small family owned farms in scattered throughout Thailand. This is a very rare herb and 1kg dried contains over 16,000 individually hand picked flowers! Post harvest drying and storage needs to be carefully managed to preserve the quality of Anthocyanin antioxidants which give the flower its vivid blue colour.

Thailand is the only country with commercial quantities of this amazing plant and we have undertaken extensive research and travel to find and develop a quality supply chain. We are also undertaking research on plantation systems & management practices to improve the productivity and upscale.

Butterfly pea flower is not sprayed with pesticides, fungicides or treated with any chemicals during any stage of its growth. But due to the nature of the supply chain it is not organic certified at present.
Minimum order is 1 export pallet around 200kg.